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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop bsa-1.jpgbsa-2.jpgbsa-4.jpg


We are located in Georgetown KY. We are part of the Elkhorn District of the Bluegrass Council, located in central Kentucky. 

Troop meeting occur every Monday from 6:20-8:00 PM, August to June.  Our troop meeting are held at the Georgetown Baptist Church, 207 S. Hamilton Street, Georgetown, KY.  Our Charter Organization is with Georgetown Baptist Church, Georgetown KY.   Boy Scout Troop 124 is the oldest Scouting Unit in Scott County KY, approaching 70 years.  

We hope you will come visit and experience some of the best Scouting our Boy Scout Troop has to offer. 


Interviewing Troops. What should you look for?

WHAT should you look for when you visit a troop? 
WHAT are some signs of a "good" unit?

Keep these questions in mind...
  1. How is the attendance?  (low enrollment and/or attendance may indicate a troubled program.)
  2. Are the boys AND leaders in the proper uniform?  (RUN from troops that allow the "bluejeans brigade", where they are only in uniform from the waist up.  If they don't promote the basic uniform, rest assured that OTHER PARTS of the Program are missing too.)
  3. Are boys advancing at an individualized rate?  Is there a mix of ranks among the Scouts, even in the same patrols?  (Right answer is "yes")
  4. How many EAGLES did they have last year?   (BEWARE of "Eagle Farms". On average, only 2 per 100 boys in Scouting make it to Eagle.  Rates higher than average demand scrutiny as they may be too lax about advancement requirements, or may indicate an "adult prepared" agenda.  "EAGLE" is earned by the BOYS making the effort to achieve on their own initiatives, not by being "spoon fed" an agenda of merit badge coursework over a pre-defined schedule.)
  5. Were YOU welcomed?  Did they make you feel genuinely welcomed and wanted?
  6. WHO is TEACHING?  Boys, or adults?  (With the exception of  "advanced" skill instruction, youth leaders should be running the meeting.)
  7. Are they having FUN?  Do boys look interested, or bored?
  8. Are there boys of various ages?   (Big gaps in enrollment may indicate periods of a problem program or "issues" with the adult leadership.)
  9. How long has the Scoutmaster been the Scoutmaster?  (A "new guy" may be lacking experience, and "old timers" almost always lack "program updates"  or haven't attended training in years.)
  10. Is there room for you as a leader or on the Troop Committee? 
  11. Are the boys well behaved?  Do they respond to the "Scout Sign" or was someone screaming "SIGNS UP!!!"?  Any screaming is a warning sign.
  12. Ask what trips they've had, and what they have planned.   Do they do the same trips every year, or are they always trying something new and exciting?
  13. WATCH YOUR SON!   Did he blend in?  Did the boys make efforts to include him?
  14. Watch for different "stages" of the Troop meeting.  There should be distinct periods of Skill Instruction, Patrol time, Inter-patrol Activity, and some formal opening and closing ceremonies. 
  15. What are the facilities like?  Is there adequate meeting space.. storage to "do things"?  (OK, we are a little biased since we have our own gun ranges, fish pond, archery range, stream, field, etc.)
  16. ASK the Scouts questions.  Ask if they like the troop, and then ask WHY they gave that answer.
  17. Ask about camping fees or monthly dues.   There are some troops that take extravagant trips every year and may run a program that is a bit costly for its members.


In Troop 124, we believe in delivering a Quality Program, by applying the Journey to Excellence as it is meant to be:  A scout needs to attend meetings regularly;  camp often;  develop a servant heart;  participate in service project to our community regularly;  participate in scout leader training;  and to advance with Rank and Merit Badge's a Scouts needs to "know the material" and "demonstrate through knowledge and experience" what has been learned, so the Scout can teach the younger Scout's and pass the knowledge on to the next generation of Scouts and Scout leaders. 

Boy Scout Troop 124 delivers a quality program.  Scouting is a Journey, not a destination.  It is about the journey, experiencing the outdoors, fostering friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Our ongoing goal is to run a troop that operates in the way designed by the National BSA Council.   We are "Boy Led / Adult Guided".   The Scouts are in charge, the Scouts make the decisions, and Scouts choose our camping destinations.   It is the goal of the involved adult leaders to make sure that we provide an experience that allows young men to truly understand what it is like to be a "boy scout".  We have experienced good and steady growth over the last few years strongly attended by boys who come from all over the Georgetown Area tell us our "old school" approach is exactly what they are searching for.


We welcome all boys who want to make friendships, have a sense of belonging, be adventurous, learn new skills, be part of a troop to promote achievement in young men, and want to live by the scouting ideals:  Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code, Leave No Trace, Scout Slogan and Scout Motto.


If this sounds like something you (or your son) would be interested in, PLEASE feel free to stop by and visit us any Monday night at 6:20 PM  (August to June).